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How I crushed my choreographers block, started dancing outwardly vs. internally, and began rebuilding my confidence as a dancer

And Yet Again, I’m in between teaching a classes lol. I’ve been in a choreographer’s love affair with this song for a few years, it’s actually the first song I began dancing to after having my 3yr old. I will have to find the video of that and compare the two…..

*Confession, I have this issue with dancing in my head, thinking so much that I don’t express it physically in my movement; in fact I think i do it in the first few seconds of this video*

But on this particular day I wanted to challenge myself to “just move”, and not think about the outcome. So I playlist searched then scrolled and landed on ‘Lullaby for Stephen’, by Aya. I decided to push myself, open up and share whatever I’m feeling in that very moment. By letting go of the excuses, or self inflicted limitations, and giving myself the now or never attitude. I did it.

Now  this isn’t an easy fix or overnight cure (I still do this even now)  but is a great exercise to begin to and develop, especially if your struggling with opening up more and let go of some of those feelings that hold us back as a dancer or choreographer. Put on some music, record yourself (if you like), and just dance openly and honestly.

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