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Language Decode: 5 Phrases Every Dance Newbie Must Know!

Every dance teacher has his or her own language while teaching and over time you learn to adapt to their style and verbal queues, just as you do the movement. ques




However there are just some common sayings in the dance world that are universal no matter the Instructor or the technique they are teaching. Below are 5 decoded terms that most dance instructors use , that every dancer (no matter the level) should be familiar with.


#1.Know that  “5,6,7,8”  is a count down to start moving. It’s similar to but not to be confused with 5,4,3,2,1

#2. When you hear your instructor say, “spread out“, it’s not a good idea to stand 2 inches closer to the person next you. Please take the warning seriously and spread out.

#3. If your instructor is facing you, and he/she says “To the right!” Know that they will be moving in the opposite direction. If they are facing you, their “Right Side” will be the opposite of yours. *SideNote: Most dancers have issues with Right & Left, don’t judge us!

#4. When you hear a high pitch scream over the music “Full Out “, give it everything you got. Don’t hold back or else your instructor will more than likely stop the music and make you do it again.

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#5. “One More Time” – If you hear your instructor say this please know you have doubled the number of times that you will be doing that specific movement you learned, to about 10-20 more times. *Side Note: Dancing ‘Full Out’ will get you down to maybe 5 more times tops!dancelies

Can you think of a few more sayings? Post them below!


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