So you love dance, you started taking classes and excited about each new opportunity hit the floor and express yourself. You are excited about learning and apply your instructors corrections/suggestions. However you feel that you are still struggling to improve and your goals of becoming a better as a dancer seem harder than you think. Welp, despite what some may think the life of a dancer is hard work, but instead of beating you over the head with all the blood sweat and tears talk; Here are 5 easy steps to put you on the right path to becoming a better dancer.

  1. PRACTICE – This is #1 for a reason because anything else that follows is directly related to growing as a dancer. Practice is more than just showing up for class or rehearsals regularly, a lot of improvement happens due to the hard work that’s done outside of the studio, during your own free time. When you’re in class it’s a great opportunity to get all the corrections and examples but when you’re alone your able to take that information and apply it on your own. Take the time to personally invest in yourself and take your practice time seriously, allow yourself to mess up, make a mistake and battle through until you get it right. (for whatever reason i just thought of Rocky lol)







  1. BE CONSISTENT – Now that you have taken some time to Practice on your own, please know that, taking one day (after reading this) to buckle down and work on movement or choreography will not be enough. Be consistent carve out time DAILY even if its 30mins to work on that “something” that you feel needs improvement.


  1. VIDEO – This doesn’t mean get on Youtube or Instagram and look at everyone else. Record yourself while you practice, this is a great way to step back and view yourself and see where you can work on some things. This task is can also be fun; by keeping the videos it allows you to document your growth. To be able to look back and see your progression is a great feeling.


  1. BE OPEN TO LEARNING NEW THINGS  – I can’t say it enough and stand by being a versatile dancer adds to one becoming an all-around better dancer 100%. Being open to explore other dance styles and techniques can do nothing but benefit you and your growth to becoming a better dancer. ALL DANCE, has this major thing in common, movement and you never know where developing a better understanding of other techniques can actually help bring clarity and make connections to better understanding your body and you while developing in the long run.


 5. SELF CONFIDENCE – Believe in yourself and try not DO NOT compare yourself to other dancers. Everyone learns and develops within their craft differently. Know your strong points and continue to develop those as well as those things that may be a little more challenging for yourself, but keep in mind you have some special to offer

Believe in yourself!





*dedicated to my Training 2 Stage Students ~ Thank You





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