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Dancehall 101- A Must Know!

Last year Raediant Movement presented it’s second, Back 2 Basics (Passa Passa Ready) class series, this time the class participants were given notes on dancehall dance history its movements and popular dancers within the community. Of course Day 1 would not have been proper without mentioning dancehall royalty, Mr. Wacky and some of his popular dances.bogle

It’s not uncommon for dancers and musicians of the dancehall community to hear the name Gerald Levy aka Bogle aka Mr. Wacky and have them automatically hail up, his dancing, his unique style, and his overall impact within the dancehall culture as well his personal community. There are many tributes to Mr. Wacky and this song/music video is another great addition by one of my favorite dancehall artist duos, that always shows love to ALL dancers, RDX. I love that the lyrics talk about the dances, Mr. Wacky created, while popular dancers that were inspired by him are shown performing some of his popular dances, in different locations in Jamaica.

This video was released in remembrance of his 10 years dancing amongst the angels and in celebration that his dancing lives on.

Big Up & Respect to Mr. Wacky and his legacy.


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