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Can’t deny that Influence!

Now days there’s a lot of fusion and exploration in multiple dance forms, Caribbean, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, House….just to name a few is ALL Influenced by traditional African dance in some way, including the quickly growing Afro Beat. Magically or on purpose dance has evolved and continues to grow, fusing many different styles/techniques together.  I think it’s all great how we are all connecting in some way, even if it’s just a simple hip thrust, isolation, or even how we huddle in a circle to encourage and send positive energy to one another. We can see the cultural, social, and movement based similarities.

Raediant MoveAFRO BEAT AFRO DANCEHALLLocationment’s next workshop event is all about the influence of African dance in two of the most swiftly growing social & cultural dance styles, Dancehall & Afro Beat. Save the Date for August 5th, 2016 for a 2 style & 2 Guest Instructor Workshop  AFRO INFLUENCED starting with Afro Dancehall at 7pm and Afro Beat at 8:30pm.  This is Raediant Movement’s 3rd event hosting both a Dancehall & Afro Beat mashup and each time the energy and vibes was amazing. Please come out and welcome our guest instructors Stacy Letrice aka Jukeboxx of Chicago and Moreen Abessolo of Gabon as we celebrate African Dance its influence and its impact on social dance. Click here to read More about this event 


Also starting in August  Raediant Movement will be offering a  6 week series for all Beginner – Intermediate dancers, that are interested in focusing on movement influenced by Caribbean, Modern dance & African Dance, in a technique class.  To receive more information about class please click here!

Which ever your flavor come out and dance , as always I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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