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4 reasons why you should accept the Turn Up The Heat Challenge

We are one week away from the 4 week  Turn Up The Heat challenge and most of you are still probably on the fence about  either taking the leap to commit or just unclear about what you would be getting yourself into. I decided that I would put together this quick video of the 4 reasons why you should accept the challenge, to help give you a clear understanding of what the Turn Up The Heat Challenge is all about .

  1. It’s Free! – Its free to join the challenge, everyone is welcome! Once you click the accept link you will be prompted to enter you email address and receive your very on welcome email from yours truly. The email will also grant you access to the Secret Facebook Group
  2. Weight Loss Is NOT the goal– It’s not just another a weight loss centered challenge it’s a healthy lifestyle challenge- You set your own goals, so that if weight loss is your goal this will be a great motivator/kickstart to sticking to your goals whatever they may be.
  3. Accountability Partner– The Facebook group will act as an accountability group to help keep you focused on your shared goal(s), and a great place to share ideas, tips or experiences you have each had with the weekly challenge of the week.
  4. It’s Raediant Movement Style Fun – Dancehall, Soca, Afro Beats, Reggae music will be  the soundtrack to this entire 4 week journey. We will incorporate dance and cardio to keep it fun and challenging.

THE CHALLENGE STARTS APRIL 5TH, 2016 Let’s use the time together to kickstart our healthy lifestyle goals and Turn Up while doing it!

Turn Up The Heat #tuth with Me & Raediant Movement 


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