Happy Black History Month Let’s Celebrate Through Dance! Week 4

For the final week I wanted to acknowledge social dance within the African American community…

If you follow me on my other social media outlets (like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you may have seen me insert the hashtag #danceunites . I use this hashtag because it sums up my thoughts about dance, especially during the time I began learning different styles of dance. While watching this video I began to see connections in movement,  how it brought people together, and how it is all tied into our African-American history .

In the final week of our Black history Month celebration I thought sharing the video below, “The history of African-American social dance –  Camille A. Brown“, would be a great way to show how social has grown and also how it unifies us culturally.

I hope that you enjoy this video and post below anything that stuck with you or any (as Oprah says) “Ah-Ha!” moments, where you made a connection to some movement that you have seen or done before in your own social dance communities.



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