Issa Homecoming

In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground (and dance studio) is where I spent most of my days….

Okay so that was my corny way of saying I’M FROM Philly & I’M COMING HOME PHILLY FAM!!!

Raediant Movement had its first classes , DANCEHALL SWEAT , in Philadelphia, iIn efforts to find and later create a community of like-minded people who loved Dancehall Dance, Music, and Caribbean culture. Click the ABOUT me tab to read more about how Raediant Movement came to be.

I am excited to come back July 29th and see some of my Raediant Movers from the past and hopefully welcome some new movers into the community. We are bringing DANCEHALL SWEAT back in the middle of summer which is the best opportunity to whip get your cute RAEMOVES shorts or to rock your sexy (yet movable) summer attire to rock to  class.

Come through for vibes, fun, and a whole lot of sexy sweat and maybe a few surprises TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! At the Raediant Movement Shop

JULY 29th, 2017 – 5pm – 7pm  


Headlong Studio

 1107 S. Broad St. Phila, PA



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