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All of my loves wrapped up in one: Modern Mix Revisited

When I started on my solo dance journey back in 2011, I began to revisit my foundation as a dancer which is Modern/Afro Modern, technique and movement. I spent a lot of time choreographing and teaching young dancers  at local studios Modern and Jazz, but also continued to share my love of Dancehall with my Raediant Movement students, separately. As much as I wanted to bring the two together, I never really had the chance  beyond slipping something interesting when choreographing for either styles.

This was the beginning of how I began to marry and mix the various dance styles together that I currently call, Caribbean Vibes/Modern Mix. Caribbean Vibes because that’s what gets my body moving the rhythm and vibes and Modern Mix because I pull from the techniques I was groomed as a dancer in such as Horton, Graham, Dunham. I also channel  West & South African movement that I have studied and been exposed to through my life as a student and professional dancers.

I revisit Modern Mix again starting August 31st and I’ve combined all my loves in one, in Raediant Movements new class offering, Caribbean Vibes/Modern Mix. This is a technique based class focusing Modern dance, combined with grounded and rhythmical movements influenced by African and Caribbean dance. Please note that this is class is about developing technique, fluidity and self-expression within your movement.
Caribbean Vibes/ Modern Mix
Is a 6 week series that will meet every
Wednesday, 8:30pm-9:45pm starting August, 31st, 2016.
To get the most of the experience I recommend the entire 6- week series for $65 (limited time only)
THIS IS A STEAL – you’re basically getting 3 classes for FREE – there’s no guarantee that this price will stay the same as we get closer to the date.
If you unable to make the commitment to the 6 weeks you now have the option to Drop In-  $20 per class.


6-Week Series

Drop In Only

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