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Facebook shared a memory status with me this morning, you know like “Timehop” where your automatically reminded of what you said, saw, and posted on social media on this very same day a few years back. Well my memory was be posting about a Dancehall Workshop I was having in Philadelphia, for those of you that don’t know, West Philadelphia is my hometown and where I spent ALLL of my days (yes that was corny but so what,  lol) , and Philly is actually where Raediant Movement Dancehall classes originated, starting out with monthly and then bi-weekly classes. I would happily go to Philly to teach, dance, and connect with others that had been looking for a Dancehall class close to home.  It wasn’t easy at all to show up in town and not always know if anyone will even show up for the class. There were times when no one showed other than my close friends and times when the class was so packed I couldn’t fit everyone in the small studio space that was normally used for Yoga & Pilates.

Philly Raediant MoversI made a few friends and big time Raediant Supporters from the Philly classes and the experience gave me the confidence to begin to offer weekly classes where I currently reside in the DMV area.  Thank you to the Philly Raediant Movers for coming out to those classes/workshops and to those of you  that are still emailing and sending Facebook posts asking me when I will be coming back to the Philly – Tristate Area.  I would love to come back and dance with you and even have a few of my DMV Raediant Movers join me, If you  are in Philly and would like to invite Raediant Movement to your studio , or event please respond to this  post and let me know!  We all know that sometimes Facebook can rehash some memories that we would like to forget but this was a great memory and I thank Facebook for reminding me of it.

Much Love to my Philly Raediant Movers and if life should bring you down to the DMV area please do not hesitate to drop into class, I am now offering Dancehall Fusion in two different locations twice a week. Sundays 2:00pm- 3:30pm at BTATJ Dance & Fitness Studio 5103 Baltimore Ave. Hyattsville, MD  &  Tuesdays 8:30pm- 9:30pm at Joe’s Movement Emporium 3309 Bunker Hill Rd. Hyattsville, MD. Drop In Classes are only $15 and 4, 8, 10 class cards are available HERE on the website.DMV CLASS Update



Raediant Movement Class Card

#dancehall Fusion Sundays w/Raediant Movement


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